Astra-1G (31,5) & Eutelsat Sesat W4 (36e) multifeed setup

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Here's a solution that will allow you to use only one dish to receive Trikolor TV, NTV Plus and free TV channels on «EutelsatW4»@36.0°E satellite and use internet service via «Astra-1G»@31.5°E without using an actuator.

Second LNB setup (Multifeed)

It is possible to fix second LNB to first on a mount or plastic buckles. In order to receive signal from Astra-1G your dish should be pointed to 31,5 degrees east and additional LNB should appeaк on the right side of first.

Sample 1 Изображение:36e_1.jpg

Sample 2 Изображение:36e_14.jpg

Sample 3 Изображение:36e_15.jpg

You will need a DiSEqC device to connect two LNBs into one cable. When installing DiSEqC it is recommended to connect Astra-2C cable to LNB1 port, and Eutelsat Sesat cable to LNB2. If using DiSEqC with 4 ports, leave LNB3 and LNB4 unplugged.


Additional converter setup

After additional converter is installed, we must check the signal level and correct LNB position if neccesary. Then we need to set up additional converters in DVB receiver settings. Here's how we do it on TechnoTrend 1401: In Status/Tuner tab click NEW and enter new satellite name in Name of data service and click OK.


Open LNB/Satellite Setting in Setup tab:


For 2-port DiSEqC choose "Simple", for 4-ports choose "DiSEqC 1.0". We are using 2-port DiSEqC in this manual. Click the checkbox on the right of a second drop-down menu, choose (36,0) Eutelsat Sesat, Eutelsat W4 and click the button on the right of drop-down menu.


We have circular polarization broadcating so we need to enter 10750 as LOF1. Click OK and then OK.


Now in LNB/Satellite switch the satellite to Eutelsat Sesat. To check signal enter transponder frequency and symbol rate. Example: frequency 1230300, symbol rate 27500, polarization H (H for left circular and V for right circular). Click Apply and make sure the signal is locked.


If signal quality is not sufficient, adjust additional LNB position to get maximum signal quality.

TV application setup. There is no major differences between TV receiving applications setup so we use ProgDVB as an example.

After installing ProgDVB go to Settings, DiSEqC tab.


Make sure you have chose the corrrect type of DiSEqC (in our case it is 2-port or DiSEqC 1.0 for 4-port device). Then adjust satellites according to DiSEqC ports: LNB1 - Astra-2C, LNB2 - Eutelsat Sesat (make sure that circular polarization for Eutelsat Sesat)


Then choose Eutelsat Sesat W4 on channel list:


Wait while application performs scanning.


After scanning is finished, click OK to save the chanels you've found.


Now you can watch TV channels:


We thank our dealers and for help in writing this article

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